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Lewis County Historical Society Gift Shop items

Purchasing items from the LCHS Gift shop benefits you and the society. Thanks for your business.

All item prices do not include tax. Please add 8% sales tax to the purchase, and $5. for shipping.

Recently Added:


The Fulton Chain
Charles E. Herr $43








These books have been reprinted by the LCHS:



French Settlement In The Early Years

A collection of newspaper articles from the Lewis County Democrat, originally published in 1913, concerning the early settlement of the Town of Croghan. The collection includes information about church history, businesses and family history, and includes a surname index. $18.



Lewis County Goes To War!

A collection of Lowville Journal newspaper articles concerning Lewis County residents who fought for the Union during the Civil War and the experiences at home.

 By Jack Wolfe, reprinted with permission from Mrs. Jack (Thea) Wolfe.  $12.


Also available for purchase:

Images of America Series

A popular series of books published by Arcadia Press, concerning the history of American towns, villages, historic and scenic sites.  Those concerning Lewis County and neighboring areas are these Arcadia publications:

Lewis County - By Harney J. Corwin

Lowville - By Dorothy K. Duflo

The Black River Canal - By Harney J. Corwin and Edward P. Fynmore

Around Boonville - By Harney J. Corwin

Around Carthage and West Carthage - By Lynn M. Thornton

Champion, Great Bend and Deferiet - By Lynn M. Thornton


Images of America:  $21.99 each





Books by Martin Podskoch: $18.95 each

Adirondack 102 Club

Adirondack Civilian Conservation Corps Camps      

Adirondack Firetowers                                            

Adirondack Stories  with Sam Glanzman

Adirondack Stories II  with Sam Glanzman



Books by Irene Uttendorfsky:

Lewis County author, Irene Uttendorfsky writes interesting books that combine historical and fictional characters involved in historical events.

Adirondack Mouse, and the Mysterious Disappearance $9.95            

Adirondack Mouse, and The Perilous Journey  $6.95

Hannah and The Two Sisters     $11.95

Punkeyville Girl  $11.95                                                

When Thunder Rolls  $11.95   




Adirondack Adventures    $24.95   

Allen's Alley   $15.00

Haunted Old Forge   $19.99  

Haunted Mohawk Valley   $19.99



Exposing The Wilderness - Robert Bogdan   $39.95   

Colvin In The Adirondacks - Francis B. Rosevear $22.00

Frontier Justice, Loomis Gang - E. Fuller Torrey $16.00  

The Forest Preserve of NYS Adirondacks and Catskills       

                                                   Norman J. Vanwalkenburgh $6.00    



Moose River Diary                                           

 Judy Jones $19.00    

Murder In The Adirondacks                                         

Craig Brandon $15.95    

New York Amish     

Karen M. Johnson-Weiner $24.95

Oswegatchie, A North Country River     

Essays edited by Christopher Angus $16.95




Golden Age of Homespun                               

Jared van Wagenen, Jr. $26.50    

The Greig Affair, An 1859 Tragedy                    

 Matthew J. Conway $19.95   

Hides, Hemlocks and Adirondack History                

Barbara McMartin $30.00

The Spike Tomahawk

Jack Vargo  $24.95 (hardcover),  $15.99 (softcover)


Also in our inventory:

The Adirondack Princess, Book 2                            

By Doris E. Schuyler $6.75    

 Adirondack Stories of The Black River Country        

By William J. OíHern $19.95    

A Life of Letters: The Writings of Ann McConnell


 Barnstorming Champions The 1920 Adirondack Stars               

Scott Feisthumel $4.00       

Boonville and Beyond                                             

William L. Crosten $14.95    

Call Me Adirondack                                                      

Murray Heller $10.95    


Edith Pilcher $24.95   

Castorland Journal 

Simon Desjardins, Pierre Pharoux  $65.00   

Coming Home                                                            

Paula Peterson $14.95    

Discover the NorthWest Adirondacks


Early Days On The Hill                                                          

Wetmore $18.00    

Guides of the Adirondack                                        

Charles Brumley  $22.50    

Haunted New York Vol.1                                                  

Cheri Revai $16.95    

Haunted New York Vol. 4                                       

Cheri Farnsworth $17.95    


Marylee Armour$14.95    

History of Cheesemaking in New York State            

Eunice R. Stamm     $35.00    

History of Lewis County 1883  

Franklin B. Hough $65.00   

History of Lewis County NY                                       

G. Byron Bowen $20.00    

A History Turin, Lewis County, New York              

Emily Williams and Ethel Evans Markham $20.00    

Home Remedies


Ice Harvesting In Early America     

Dewey D. Hill and Elliot R. Hughes $5.50    

Lewis County Narrative                                              

 Dr. John Higby $6.50       

Lore Of An Adirondack Country                                

Edith E. Cutting $14.95    

Mad House 

A fascinating history of the early insane asylums in New York State.                                                           

Michael T. Keene  $19.95    

Nature, Nurture & Nostalgia     

Interesting tidbits of natural history from a former Lewis County historian.                                   

Louis Mihalyi  $9.95     

New York State Canals                                              

 F. Daniel Larkin $12.00    

No Middle Ground, Thomas Ward Osbornís Letters From The Field 


Northern Drift                                                               

 John Golden $15.95    

Northern New York Northern Lights                           

Dave Shampine $19.99    

Osceola, Jewel of Tug Hill               

Lola Moore and Elizabeth Quinn $32.00     

Out Of The Wilderness                                          

Norton C. Shepard $10.95    

Pictorial History of Lowville Academy


Praise The Lord St. Hedwigs Church


Proud To Serve, Firefighters of Croghan, NY   

Kenneth R. Proulx and Frederick  J. Schneider $20.00    

Putting The Barn Before the House                              

Gary Osterud $26.95    

Rails In the North Woods            

Richard Allen, William Gove, Keith F. Maloney and Richard F. Palmer $21.95    

The Sheans The Stowells and Harrisville, N.Y.        

 M. Francis Shean $18.50  

Strangers and Pilgrims                                                

Arlene Yousey $50.00   

Tales From Little Lewis                                               

 Hazel C. Drew $5.00    

Tales From The Adirondack Foothills                       

Howard Thomas $16.00    

These Hills and I                                                                 

Lou Moon $7.00    

The Town of New Bremen                                          

Fred Schneider $15.00    

Town of Harrisburg History                          

Madeline Mosher Bernat $20.00    

Tribute To A Country Church  St. Pauls, Constableville


Tug Hill, A Seasonal Guide 

A detailed field guide to the wild flora and fauna on the Tug.                                

 Robert McNamara $24.95

Waterfalls of New York State

Includes some of the many of the waterfalls in the North County.

Scott A. Ensminger, David J. Schryver and Edward M. Smathers   $29.95

Where Wilderness Preservation Began                     

Howard Zahniser $29.95    

Whistling Girls and Jumping Sheep                             

Edith E. Cutting $5.94    

With Hand and Heart                                                     

Vivian Smith $14.95  (hardcover),  $10.95 (softcover)


Fireside Harvest Cookbook                

Lewis County Historical Society $10.98   

Good Food, Served Right                                                       

 TAUNY (Traditional Arts of Northern New York) $24.95     

Home Tested Recipes                                            

New Bremen Methodist Church members $4.00    


Little Ditch, The Black River Canal    broadcast on the Documentary Channel


Simple Servants   story of the Lewis County Mennonites



The Lewis County Bicentennial Afghan. We still have a few left. Price reduced to $25. Get one before they are gone!

Christmas ornaments:

Round bi-centennial ball:                                    


Metal Christmas ornaments:





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