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 History of the Lewis County General Hospital


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Lewis County General Hospital


In 1929, the citizens of Lewis County decided they needed a local hospital.  In 1930, the County of Lewis purchased the land for the county hospital on the top of a hill leading into town.  The cost of the land was $4,500.  In 1930, the construction of the hospital began.  Seven months later, in August 1931, the construction phase ended and a brand new healthcare facility opened its doors to a grateful community.  It was a sturdy building of solid brick with six towering white posts marking the main entrance.  Today, 86 years later, the main campus encompasses 14.5 acres and offers over 220,000 square feet of floor space dedicated to the provision of high quality healthcare to the residents of the tri-county area.

From new buildings, services and equipment, to an ever-changing healthcare environment, plan to join us at the Lewis County Historical Society to find out how the facility has changed and evolved to meet the needs of the residents in Lewis County since 1931.








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